Transforming Loss – A Healing Process™ 4 Day Retreat

Come to Red Mountain Resort for a truly meaningful and restorative weekend workshop for those who have lost a loved one. Connect with others who are also experiencing the unique challenges associated with loss in a safe, nurturing and beautiful environment. You will find the balance needed to heal with the guidance and expertise provided by Judith R. Burdick, MA,LLP.

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Judith would be honored to share her insight and experience at your next event, anywhere in the world. While Judith specializes in grief and loss, her message of strength and resilience has broad application. Thus, her presentation can be tailored to fit just about any topic.

An eloquent speaker, Judith’s charm, charisma and candor endear her to all audiences. She prepares for every engagement with diligence and zeal, but also has an innate ability to go off script and improvise when event conditions call for it, and her authenticity and real-life experience allows her to do so effectively. She enjoys the interactive nature of events and encourages others to get involved by asking questions and sharing their own stories.

Judith’s message of perseverance transcends race, age and all other social barriers. Her story makes audiences relate and gives them the confidence to not only rebuild their lives, but also transform them.

  • Grief and mourning
  • Job loss
  • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Addiction

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