Judith BurdickWelcome to my blog. I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find yourself young and widowed.

There are essentially no rules created by our culture to help younger people facing these kinds of tragedies, nor sufficient life experiences to help prepare one for such trauma. Resources and direction for people in this situation seem few and far between, but it is my goal to provide you with the tools that just didn’t exist at the time of my husband’s death twenty years ago.

I bring aspects of my own story, and my children’s story, to help flesh out the multiple layers and stages of the journey you are beginning right now. These are integrated with the narratives of other participating survivors. I will share information about the grief process, coping strategies, resources, events and support groups. I will share my journey in producing Young and Widowed: A Documentary, while elaborating on the issues presented within the film.

Remember, you are not alone. Together, I can help you develop a renewed spirit and sense of hope.

Judith R. Burdick

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