bluebutterA first time filmmaker, Judith’s debut into cinematography was a rousing success. Her documentary, Transforming Loss, took home three awards at the Uptown Film Festival, including “Best Director” and “Best Michigan Documentary.” It was also a semi-finalist at the Moondance International Film Festival.

The film follows six families through the grieving process and examines the many positive ways in which people cope with tragedy. Incredibly, these individuals have not only survived profound loss, but through love, faith and perseverance have transformed into extraordinary members of their communities.

“The film examines and demonstrates the many positive ways people cope with tragic loss through death,” said Judith. “These individuals have not only survived their profound losses, but have become more than who they were before. As a part of the healing journey, they have all chosen to help others. This is the gift and the hope depicted in the larger story.”

Although Transforming Loss focuses on the loss of human life, the film’s overall message has much broader application. At its core, the film is about hope, resilience, and the capacity of the human spirit to rise from the nadir of suffering.

While the film is inspirational, the companion guide personalizes the experience and supports one’s transformation even more. Both resources are also practical healing tools for therapists, clergy, funeral directors, hospice workers, medical practitioners and educators.

Transforming Loss: A Documentary is about not giving up in the face of profound suffering, but rising to a new level of functioning and making meaning out of the experience. The loss actually fuels a fresh energy which feeds the broken parts. As we heal, a deep desire emerges to help others through similar losses, to be the inspiration and the example of one who has survived and now has the credibility to teach.


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